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whats up dorks welcome to the Cool Zone here we have a wide variety of shit ya like nature pictures got that like random art reblogs once in a while got that too hope ya like tmis about my life and maybe random artistic sex and making out picture reblogs
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    when u wake up feelin productive


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  • i’m going to be making soup by myself for the first time today wish me luck 

  • fill in the blanks


    1. name: celia
    2. birthday: march 3
    3. favorite colour: tiffany blue i guess
    4. lucky number: n/a
    5. height: like 5’9


    1. last dream you remember: uhhhh i just remember having some nightmares recently involving getting really irritated and people acting like i can’t do anything
    2. can you juggle: nope
    3. art/sports/both: used to be art, but now i’d rather be moving except i’m too shy to do anything sporty
    4. do you like writing: i used to but not really now
    5. do you like dancing: thaaats embarrassing aaa
    6. do you like singing: again too embarrassing for me to do 


    1. dream vacation: somewhere magical
    3. dream guy/gal: my boyfriend in a suit
    4. dream wedding: somewhere in europe!!!
    5. dream pet: unicorn…
    6. dream job: designing for a real upscale company


    1. favorite song: pompeii
    2. favorite album: the golden age - woodkid
    3. favorite artist: studio killers and woodkid
    4. last song you heard on the radio: i don’t remember something with those banjo people
    5. least favorite song: not sure
    6. least favorite album: not sure
    7. least favorite artist: fuck the red hot chili peppers


    1. guys/girls/both: i honestly don’t know what i am
    2. hair colour: whatever
    3. eye color: whatever
    4. humorous/serious: uhm..
    6. biggest turn-off: obnoxiousness
    7. biggest turn-on: just plain bein interested in me and my goals i guess

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  • bubblegum and curls.

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  • so basically 80 percent of the time it feels like all i care about is making money having sex and drinking coffee and i guess thats a lifestyle lots of people want and thats cool but i wish i could travel more

  • i really hope that one day i’ll want to draw again, like i try a lot and i just don’t care, it just doesn’t mean anything to me. maybe that’ll change with this semester’s graphics classes, but probably not. it just really sucks because i used to be so so so into art and now i just don’t care and haven’t cared for almost two years. and i used to care so much and i wanted to improve adn get really good and now it doesnt mean anything to me. at all

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  • clockworkruins chills with the most respected name in business mr christian grey 

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    oh my GOD i can’t wait to hear about how many kids are caught jackin it in the theaters for 50 shades

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    can we talk about the second definition tho

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  • today i feel like dressin up and lookin good

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  • getting a little bit excited about a trailer for a thing you don’t like but also sort of like but also know is so fucking stupid but also kind of like anyway

    *wriggles angrily*

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    Little 5 Points!

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